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Uricelax™ is a revolutionary new product formulated with ingredients such as Rutin, Cherry Extract, and Turmeric. These ingredients along with others contained in the formula have been shown to provide beneficial help in balancing and maintaining uric acid levels.*

Uricelax Benefits

With Uricelax™,  a decrease in painful, uric acid episodes may be possible.* The Uricelax™ formula is intended to help address the potential symptoms of high uric acid levels, manage and balance a healthy uric acid level, and help enhance overall well-being and your quality of life.*
Uricelax™ is the #1 selection among supplements to help balance and maintain healthy uric acid levels.* Ultimately, by maintaining a healthy uric acid level potential symptoms of uric acid build-up in the joint may be alleviated.

For optimal results, Uricelax™ should be taken as part of an overall diet designed to help control and manage the production or elimination of uric acid.* Limiting certain foods that cause an increased production of uric acid and reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption is often helpful.

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