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Uricelax™ is formulated with ingredients that have been shown to help balance and maintain healthy uric acid levels.*  The primary, key ingredients contained in Uricelax and their benefits are outlined below. See why Uricelax™ is the #1 formula!

Bromelain, Trypsin, and Rutin: when combined these ingredients help to address uric acid levels, support the immune system, and help to enhance the quality of life.*

Devil’s Claw: This ingredient has been shown to help support healthy uric acid levels.*

Celery Seed Extract: This natural ingredient is very popular for uric acid problems. The seeds of the celery possess antioxidants and a mild diuretic action which is helpful for urinary purification.*

Tart Cherry Extract: This ingredient contains natural compounds that promote normal uric acid metabolism and helps the body to eliminate the unnecessary acid as waste and helps maintain optimal uric acid levels.*

Grapeseed Extract: This ingredient is known as a rich source of an antioxidant.  This powerful antioxidant vitamin may help reduce the effect of cellular damage.*

Turmeric: This ingredient helps to support a healthy immune system.*

Bilberry Extract: This ingredient helps support urinary health and healthy kidney function.



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