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Healthy Uric Acid Levels

Uricelax™ is comprised of powerful ingredients (Tumeric, Cherry Extract, & Rutin) that have been shown in studies to help balance and maintain healthy levels of uric acid.* Uricelax™ can help with the following:

1.   Helps Balance and Maintain Healthy Uric Acid Levels*
2.   Promotes Normal Uric Acid Metabolism*
3.   Helps Optimize Healthy Kidney Function*
4.   Helps Manage Joint Discomfort and Provides Optimal Joint Support for
      Flexibility (Mobility/Movement)
5.   Helps Support a Healthy Immune System*

Uricelax™ is the #1 choice for maintaining and balancing optimal uric acid levels. It also supports joint health and enhances your overall well-bing and quality of life.*

What is Uric Acid Metabolism?

Uric acid is produced after the breakdown of purine, an ingredient that is found in many foods. After the production of uric acid, it navigates through the blood and travels to the kidneys and passes through. Once you urinate, most of the uric acid production is released from the body.

Uric AcidWhen specific foods are ingested or the natural break down of cells occurs, the body may produce excessive amounts of uric acid. It may be challenging for the kidneys to reduce uric acid from the blood when this happens. This promotes higher levels of uric acid in the blood.

The gut is responsible for a portion of the elimination of uric acid, while the kidneys are responsible for one third of the elimination.  Deficiencies in the kidneys may be hereditarily determined and are common in many people who have unbalanced levels of uric acid.

Who May Be At Risk of Unbalanced Levels of Uric Acid

Uric acid mostly affects men who are between the ages of 40 and 50. There is some evidence through studies that show this may be genetically predisposed with many individuals having a family history. After menopause women may find that they may need to support a healthy balance of uric acid as well.

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How Long is Uricelax™ taken for?

Uricelax™ is a dietary supplement that delivers nutrients you may be missing in your diet. Individuals should take Uricelax daily, as directed. The Buy 2, Get 1 FREE Special is recommended for daily dosage and helps provide a special discount on the purchase of the product.

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